Sonata C major Hob. XVI:48 – Pf


Piano Sonata C major Hob. XVI:48

Georg Feder (Editor)

Piotr Anderszewski (Fingering)

Silke Schloen (Preface, Critical Report)

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Autor: Haydn

Editora: G. henle

Ref: 0 05-1535

Isbn: 9790201815350

This Haydn sonata has previously not been available in the Henle catalogue as an individual Urtext edition. Nevertheless, it numbers among Haydn’s famous piano works. It was written in 1789 (thus making it one of the “late sonatas”) for the Leipzig publisher Christoph Gottlob Breitkopf. Its two-movement structure fathoms the entire spectrum of Haydn’s musical language: from the brooding-improvisational first movement to the sparkling, humorous Finale. Haydn exploits here the full range of the keyboard and its tonal possibilities. The world-famous pianist Piotr Anderszewski has contributed his fingerings for this Henle Urtext edition and invites you to explore this extraordinary work!


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