Prelude a l´apres-midi d´un faune – Piano a 4 mãos


Piano a 4 mãos

Ravel, Maurice


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Ravel had limitless admiration for Debussy’s famous orchestral work, going so far as to say in an interview that it was his innermost wish to die to the sounds of this “unique marvel in the whole of music”. Since Debussy had himself already published a version for two pianos, Ravel in 1910 undertook an arrangement for piano 4-hands. It was published that same year by Fromont in Paris, and made an impact all of its own. We have been able to recruit Debussy specialist Denis Herlin as editor of this Henle Urtext edition, the first to evaluate all the available sources. The fingerings are by Andreas Groethuysen of the famous Tal & Groethuysen Duo.

Piano a 4 Mãos

Ravel, Maurice

Fingering by Andreas Groethuysen

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