Suite op. 25


Marte Auer (Editor)

Shai Wosner (Fingering)

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Autor: Schoenberg

Editora: G. Henle

Ref: 0 05-1548

Ismn: 9790201815480

Schönberg’s Suite op. 25 of 1923 refers to pre-classical forms in its movement titles Präludium, Gavotte–Musette, Intermezzo, Menuett–Trio and Gigue, yet at the same time it was the first work to be based entirely on a twelve-tone row. But anyone who believes that emotions can be left out of this completely new-sounding music is mistaken: Schönberg requires the player’s full commitment, reflected in a whole palette of new articulation markings which he added to the musical text in order to ensure a nuanced and expressive performance. A challenge for all pianists! In the Henle Urtext edition, the Israeli-American pianist Shai Wosner, a true connoisseur of the Suite, provides indispensable assistance with the fingering to help decode this magnificent work. The Henle Urtext edition publishes this modern classic in a new, generously laid out music setting.

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