Resting Place, from “Schwanengesang” D 957


Evgeny Kissin (Fingering)

Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl (Editor)

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Autor: Liszt, Franz / Schubert

Editora: G. Henle

Ref: 0 05-599

(Franz Liszt was a Schubert fan his whole life. In his concerts he performed Schubert’s songs in transcriptions for piano solo with such great effect that publishers also took notice. Thus, from 1838, numerous Liszt-Schubert arrangements appeared in print –with, of course, easier alternatives provided for the most difficult passages in order to attract a wider audience. That this was a successful strategy is clear from the numerous editions and reprints of these pieces that already appeared throughout Europe during Liszt’s lifetime. With this Urtext edition of “Aufenthalt” (Resting Place), G. Henle Publishers starts a series of individual editions of these fascinating testimonials to Liszt’s enthusiasm for Schubert. For this purpose, editor Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl has sifted through the surviving editions; and fingerings are provided by no less than Evgeny Kissin, who also assisted in the choice of pieces.)

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