Piano Sonatas, Volume II, op. 26-54, Perahia Edition


Norbert Gertsch (Editor)

Murray Perahia (Editor, Fingering)


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Autor: Beethoven

Editora: G. Henle

Ref.: 0 05-834

In celebration of Beethoven Year 2020, G. Henle Publishers presents the first of three volumes with the complete piano sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven in a new Urtext edition (paperbound HN 832, HN 834, and HN 836), prepared by Maestro Murray Perahia and the renowned Beethoven expert at G. Henle Publishers, Norbert Gertsch. This volume contains the eleven sonatas published between 1802 and 1806, nos. 12 to 22, op. 26 to 54. All the sonatas have been edited to reflect the current state of research and include an extensive preface and a Critical Report that presents the source situation and problems of readings. Along with his invaluable fingerings, Murray Perahia bestows upon the piano world his in-depth reflections on the emotional world and structural makeup of these compositions.


– Piano Sonata (Funeral March) A flat major op. 26 Piano 7 difficult
– Piano Sonata E flat major op. 27
– Piano Sonata (Moonlight Sonata) c sharp minor op. 27
– Piano Sonata (Pastorale) D major op. 28
– Piano Sonata G major op. 31
– Piano Sonata (Tempest) d minor op. 31,2
– Piano Sonata (Hunting) E flat major op. 31,
– Piano Sonata g minor op. 49
– Piano Sonata G major op. 49,
– Piano Sonata (Waldstein Sonata) C major op. 53
– Piano Sonata F major op. 54

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