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Invitation to a Miracle (SAB)


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A Cantata for Christmas

Joyful sounds abound in this colorful Christmas gift for choirs. Through poetic narration, scripture passages and creatively arranged carols, the timeless story of the birth of Christ is presented. Gathered around the wonders that accompanied Jesus’ birth, this cantata journeys from the miracle of prophecy to the incarnation and proclamation of this most significant moment. Stellar orchestrations by Brant Adams and a chamber orchestration by Stan Pethel frame the work with golden beauty.

By Joseph M. Martin

Editora: Shawnee Press

Ref: 0 201-060892


– Would I Miss The Miracle?
– Your Light Has Come
– A Celtic Cradle Carol
– A Gloria Gathering
– A Processional Of Hope
– Alleluia! Christ Is Born!
– Invitation To A Miracle – Overture
– Joy Arising
– My Soul Rejoices In The Lord