Czerny-Schaum book 1


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Autor: Schaum

Editora: Alfred

Ref: 0 114-00285A

Isbn: 9780757980619

Carl Czerny was a prolific composer who wrote approximately 1,000 published works. As a pupil of Beethoven and the teacher of Franz Liszt, he was a transmitter of ideas from one great master to another. His many collections of exercises and studies range from the easy and progressive to the virtuoso. The Czerny-Schaum edition is based on selections from Op. 599, Op. 139, Op. 821, Op. 718, Op. 636, and Op. 261. The objective is to bring together, in condensed form, excerpts that stress many varieties of technical problems. Special emphasis is placed on equal development of both hands. The technical points are equally divided between the right and the left hands. The exercises are purposely left brief, thereby avoiding stiffness and tension. Using the Czerny-Schaum exercises will improve piano technic when used in conjunction with a program of balanced repertoire.Também disponível:- Schumann-Schaum- Burgmuller-Schaum- Hanon- Schaum- Haydn-Schaum- Bach-Schaum- Mozart-Schaum

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