3 Piano Pieces op. 11


Ullrich Scheideler (Editor)

Emanuel Ax (Fingering)

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Autor: Schonberg

Editora: G. Henle

Ref: 0 05-1546

Ismn: 9790201815466

Arnold Schönberg’s Piano Pieces op. 11 are a milestone in the development of piano music. Schönberg had also already composed other atonal works, but always for voice with sung text. By contrast the Piano Pieces op. 11 are the first instrumental compositions to be written in so-called “free atonality”. For all its revolutionary explosive power, the cycle is classically structured, with a sonata-like first movement, a slow middle piece and a stormy finale. The Henle Urtext edition publishes this modern classic in a new, generously laid out music setting based on the first edition, edited by Schönberg scholar Ullrich Scheideler. Highly experienced piano maestro Emanuel Ax has added fingering recommendations, making the work suitable for practical use.

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