Die Frohliche Viola – Vol. II


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Die fröhliche Viola

Bratschenschule für den Anfang. Ausbau der 1. Lage und Einführung in die 2. und 3. Lage

VA – viola – German

author: Bruce-Weber, Renate

arranger: Bruce, Mark

Band 2

Schott Music

Difficulty: easy to interme

Pages: 144

‘Die fröhliche Viola’ is a viola method for children which is aimed primarily at pupils who start to learn playing the viola without taking a detour to the violin. Those who have already played the violin and use the method as a ‘way to change instruments’ may skip some pieces or even start with Vol.2.Like ‘Die fröhliche Violine’, this book intends to make the children have fun while learning to play the viola. For this purpose, a stylistically varied range of classical and folkloristic songs and instrumental pieces encourage music-making, and small texts provide interesting information on the viola, the music and its composers.The viola is used both as a solo and as an accompanying instrument, and the ‘hearing’ and ‘counting’ of middle and lower lines are specifically trained. Due to the fact that many songs and secondary parts are notated in the treble clef and thanks to examples for trio and quartet playing, this book especially encourages ensemble playing with friends or within the family.


– Ausführliche Einführung in die 3. Lage und Lagenwechsel

– Ausbau der 1. Lage: Spiel in den B-Tonarten

– Einführung in die 2. Lage

– Komplizierte rhythmische und bogentechnische Aufgaben

– Chromatik

– Halbe Lagen

– Üben der Notation im Violinschlüssel

– Verbindung der 1., 2. und 3. Lage

– Kompositions- und Improvisationsaufgaben, die die Schüler zu eigener Kreativität anregen sollen.