Complete Piano Works – Volume II


Autor: Franz Xaver Mozart

Editora: G. Henle Verlag

Editor: Karsten Nottelmann
Fingering: Rolf Koenen
Urtext Edition, paperbound

Pages: 127 (XXI, 106), Size 23,5 x 31,0 cm

0 05-959

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Already our first volume of original piano works by Mozart’s youngest son made the music world take notice. The second volume now completes the collection of works by this composer who is often underestimated. At the time, Franz Xaver Mozart was described as follows: “His playing is clear, precise, expressive and full of intellect and emotion”. Unlike masters of the keyboard such as Moscheles or Hummel he was not primarily a virtuoso, which is why his works are also attractive for amateurs. Alongside numerous individual works this volume also contains several cadenzas for piano concertos by his famous father, which we are able to publish for the first time thanks to the autographs.


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